Mandarin Aroma Spray - Apothecary Florascent - 30ml

Mandarin Aromaspray

Product description:

The smell of good mood! Lively and fruity presents the mood tangerine and distinguished by their fresh, floral-fruity citrus note.

Apothecary Florascent's innovative and modern Aromatherapy concept. Essential oils to spray!

Aromatherapy and natural perfumery, combined with playful ease: create your own individual perfume by spraying single notes on top of one another. Feel the effect of the 100% natural essential oils. 43 single notes, divided into 6 different categories. Can be used in diverse situations and possiblitiese, whether on the skin or in the room.

Aroma Spray 30ml


Alcohol, water, Citrus reticulata, Limonene, Linalool.

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£ 17,00 incl. 19 % VAT, excl. shipping costs
base price: £ 56,67 per 100 millilitre

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