Peppermint Aroma Spray - Apothecary Florascent - 30ml

Peppermint Aromaspray

Product description:

A serving of glacial ice please! Peppermint is not only a fresh breath. With its refreshing and cooling properties, which also have aromatic and fruity aspects, culinary fragrance effects can also be achieved.

Apothecary Florascent's innovative and modern Aromatherapy concept. Essential oils to spray!

Aromatherapy and natural perfumery, combined with playful ease: create your own individual perfume by spraying single notes on top of one another. Feel the effect of the 100% natural essential oils. 43 single notes, divided into 6 different categories. Can be used in diverse situations and possiblitiese, whether on the skin or in the room.

Aroma Spray 30ml


Alcohol, water, Mentha piperita.

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£ 17,00 incl. 19 % VAT, excl. shipping costs
base price: £ 56,67 per 100 millilitre

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